About the Department 

The Department of English is part of a scientific and cultural institution the faculty of Education of Omar Al-Mukhtar University. The department was established and courses have begun in 2004. The department grants the bachelor’s degree Education, the primary goal which Department seeks to achieve is the graduation of qualified students to serve the Libyan society, meet its practical needs, serve its labor market it and promote students’ mental communication skills. Since its inception, the department has contributed in satisfying the region’s needs of English language specialists in education of what it takes for the development process of human resources. The teaching activity of the department is concentrated on the general skills of the English language. The English department includes a distinctive staff of teachers from Libyan nationality and has one teacher of Philippine .The department, in fact, always aspires and seeks to develop its entire curriculum. For that reason, the department, periodically, tends to re-evaluate its curriculum and its organizational structure to keep up with the universal developments. The Department of English is proud of its stature in the Faculty of Education of Omar Al-Mukhtar University.


  1.   Leadership in the field of teaching and research in English Language and Linguistics, locally and regionally, to serve the Libyan society.

  2. Developing linguistic, literary, cultural concepts that would provide students with practical experiences and knowledge from the perspective of the comprehensive, cultural heritage.
  3. The graduation  will be a teacher with ability to achieve success and disseminate the English language knowledge and culture and the accomplishment of scientific research in the realms of literature and linguistics.`


1 – The English Department seeks to provide an integrated course of study and training in the English language. It is also concerned with developing the intellectual, linguistic and methodological skills of students to meet the requirements of the labor market.

2 – The graduation of scientifically and practically qualified cadres in English able to carry out their occupational duties.

3 – The development of student’s experiences as well as their cultural and literary knowledge to enable them to adapt to the different cultures of the world, in a world where language and translation are the most important foundations of bio-cultural and effective communications.

4 – The development of culturally-aware and highly-qualified cadres in the English Language to continue their higher studies in linguistics, literature and translation.

The overall goals of the program

 1 – To prepare a behaviorally and scientifically distinguished fluent graduate in English language to work in various domains in public and private sectors

. 2- To prepare students who are able to contribute effectively to the development of the local and global community using the English language and the development of intercultural communication skills.

 3- To enhance the student’s knowledge, skills and language proficiency so that they can use the English language successfully in subsequent educational levels and social life in general.

 4- To provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of English Language, Literature and Linguistics.

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